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If you’re Mac keeps running slowly There are a variety of ways to fix the problem. For a quick check of memory problems, first open Activity Monitor. Select Quit and then select the issue you’re encountering. It is possible to stop the process if the process takes over a lot of memory. You can use the System Memory tab to check if there are any other unresponsive processes that are operating on your Mac.

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The rise of Jagran Plus News as India’s leading online news platform within a short span of its existence owes a lot to the vision of its chairman and editor-in-chief Ankit Jassoria and the dedication and toil of its ever-growing team of bright news platform professionals. Ankit Jassoria founded Jagran Plus news in September, 2020 from Jaipur, Rajasthan. In a short period, Jagran Plus has created benchmarks in innovation, impact, ratings, time spends, and viewer-support. The News Portal No.1 position is no accident till now. It is the result of Mr. Jassoria leading the way on the lonely path of “credibility first.” It is the result of the efforts of a self-made man who kept both his feet firmly on the ground, a journalist for whom the viewer’s interest has been paramount.

Jagran plus news portal solves several purposes:

✓Jagran plus offer the information to the public, political, social, sports, health, entertainment etc.
✓Instant & latest news from all over the world.

✓Easier accessibility.

✓Fastest and Latest news updates as per the interest.

✓Live coverage of Events, Cricket matches and other sports etc.

✓A reader can easily give his/her comments on any issue.

✓Breaking News can update Minute-to-minute.

✓Pictures of specials news events.

Mobile Responsive sites can access easily.

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